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Access Bars Sessions and AromaDance Classes!

Soundings began back in 2001 when I opened up my office in the back of a little metaphysical shop in downtown Gardiner.  I've moved my office many times over the years, always managing to find just the right place to be.  I offer classes and private Reiki/Sound Healing sessions in the Augusta/Gardiner area.  I also travel offering Sound Healing, Chakradance, Crystal Bowl Meditations and LifeBreath classes throughout Maine and an occasional trip out of State as well!

Call me, Brenda at 207-557-2664 if you have any questions about my offerings.

Starting January 12th I will be offering my private Reiki Soundings sessions out of Zardus Art of Massage Spa in Gardiner on the second Tuesday of the month.  Call 557-2664 to make an appointment.  Thank you! 

LIFEBREATH WITH INANNA!!!  Our first one was a HUGE success and we hope to offer this together again!!  What a gift to work with these amazing women!!

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

I am a distributor of the Amethyst BioMats.

I love doTERRA essential oils and became  a distributor.  To find out more please go to my website  If you would like to purchase these wonderful oils wholesale, please let me know.

From 2010  thru 2015 I had the awesome opportunity to work with Joan Lunden at Joan Lunden's Camp Reveille offering Sound Healing, LifeBreath, Meditations and Chakradance.  The past few years I also offered Intuitive Reiki Sounding private sessions as well as used doTERRA Essential Oils, crystals,  and the amazing Amethyst BioMat to support the sessions.  Camp Reveille is done as we know it, if it happens to return in another form and Soundings is part of that, I will let you know.  

Classes offered

Soundings LifeBreath
Sound Healing
  • Chakradance!
  • Usui Tibetan Reiki
  • Crystal Bowl Healing Meditations
  • Integrated Energy Therapy


Space is limited for classes, registration is required. Please visit the Events/Classes page to see current schedule of upcoming offerings.

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